August Beauty Desk


So I am back at it and I have been trying out a bunch of makeup items lately and wanted to take you through a few products that I am loving this month. I am usually quite bipolar when it comes to makeup, I either like to keep it really simple or go super bold.

My go-to makeup item that I literally can’t do without is my eye liner, and I usually try a different one every month. But I really am enjoying using this one by Rimmel London called Glam Eyes. The brush is super thin and allows for long sharp strokes.


When it comes to my brows its another story. I was quite against using brow products because I felt like it would look like my brows are drawn on (not a pretty picture in my mind). But I have unruly brows so I finally decided to try out a brow product, I went for the Essence brow pencil in the colour brown. To be very honest, I wish I had taken it in black but to be fair I don’t really know what colour my brows are, I think they are dark brown/light black (I realise that light black is not an actual colour, but now you know the dilemma I’m faced with lol). Anyway, all in all I would give this brow product a 7/10, mainly due to the pencil allowing for a very light and natural effect whilst the brush allows for a perfect blend so that it doesn’t look like I’ve tried to colour in my brows.


Next would be to have a good concealer for spots or dark areas you would like to cover up. I usually apply concealer under my eyes and on any pimples that have appeared. I really like this Essence Camouflage concealer because it can be used to highlight and contour your face as well as the fact that it comes with a light and slightly darker shade.


Another must have would have to be a good mascara. Revlon recently launched a full range of mascaras with their “Choose Love” campaign and I opted to go for the Super Length from the range. I must say that this is definitely one of the best mascaras I have ever used in a while as it really provides a lot of length to my lashes without making them feel heavy. Further to this, it makes my lashes look fuller/thicker. I would definitely suggest trying this mascara out, you won’t be disappointed.

IMG_1364Lastly, a good eye shadow palette is essential to your makeup kit. I personally don’t wear eye shadow on a day-to-day basis, I usually keep it for special occasions or a night out. Like I said before, I either keep it simple or go bold and this urban decay palette ticks the boxes for bold and bright colours that ought to make a statement. Urban Decay is a really premium brand in the make-up industry and the quality of their makeup is truly exceptional, it truly is worth the investment. I love the colours in this palette as you can really create some amazing looks. My favourite shade on this palette would have to be “Chaos”, I guess it’s due to the fact that my favourite color is blue and I just think it looks amazing on my complexion.


IMG_1385.jpgOne of my favourite lipsticks at the moment would have to be Retro Matte by Mac. I really love this colour, I would say it’s a deep pink with a touch of red. The colour is really vibrant and just makes your final look pop. It is also a very versatile shade so whether you have light/dark skin it would suite you either way.


I created this look below with all the above mentioned items. I naturally have freckles so you can really see how the concealer has covered up most if not all of those spots. My brows also look super natural but fuller with the help of the Essence Brow Liner. My lashes look amazing if I must say myself, the Super Length by Revlon really does work wonders. For my eyes I created a thin line with the Revlon Liner to create dimension, and used Chaos and Revolt from the Urban Decay palette to create a shimmering blue eye. And to top off the look, I used Retro by Mac on my lips 🙂


Hope you guys liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or requests. Please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already. Really exciting things to come and would love if you joined me on this journey:)

Thanks for reading 🙂

Until I blog again…


2 thoughts on “August Beauty Desk

  1. That UD palette is #goals. Good pics there. The reckon mascara is my fave.
    Where did u buy us from?
    I’m not sure of any stores in Durian that stock them yet.


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