Let’s Face It


These are by far the three most important products when it comes to looking after my face. Let’s face it, me like most guys like to keep it simple and quick yet effective when it comes to grooming, styling and taking care of their skin. I must be honest, I put emphasis when it comes to taking care of my face but do not spend much time doing it. With a young beard that’s continuously collecting all sorts of stuff throughout the day, whether it be dust or other dirt, my face has got to be taken care of at least once a day. So let me take you through my daily care when it comes to my face – which I do once, if not twice a day (mornings/evenings or whenever a shower is required haha).

In the shower, I do not apply anything to my face but a face wash – no other soaps whatsoever. Garnier SkinActive with the new PureActive 3in1 formula is by far my favourite at the moment! It provides you with 3 great solutions for your face:

1. It works as a simple face wash to cleanse and remove any dirt you might have collected during the day;

2. A scrub to unclog your pores and for a deep exfoliation (such a cool word to use haha) and;

3. A mask to absorb excess oil and provide smooth skin. Although I seldomly use this option.

Points 1 & 2 should take you about 2 minutes. The mask is a cool add on should you have some time to spend wandering the house looking like a ghost! This product removes all those nasty blackheads and stops pimples from appearing, which for me is great. It works wonders especially after a good clean shave, stopping razor bumps from appearing. This is easily found at Clicks and Dischem for about R82 the last time I shopped for face wash (it always lasts me a good two months as you don’t need to use much).


Once I have had a fresh cleanse of my face, my go to would be the new Nivea for Men. This product just seals all that freshness to your face, coupled with its masculine scent. I mean who wants to be smelling all girly you know?! The great thing about this product is that it is not thick, sticky or oily. Nor is it too runny. It has a great balance giving your skin enough nutrients to lock in that smooth jaw line for the week ahead! This would mean that you won’t have it sticking to your beard if you’ve just joined the beard gang too.

It’s cool to use for your hands and body, but trust me that tub will not last you a week if you had to use it all over – keep it for your face and maybe your hands. For R20 you could buy yourself the small container to try out, else the bigger tub retails for just under R50. This product gives you a little cooling effect too which I found works well after a shave. A definite buy for me.


Last but not least would have to be some sunscreen. A guy like me, who’s always keen for a game of football in our hot African sun, or always out and about, you’re going to have to make sure that all your work back home (5 minutes at max) to keep your skin looking good is coupled with some sunscreen to protect it. The Clicks brand offers a great face sunscreen that protects your skin with it’s SPF 50. Sunscreen is usually expensive and face sunscreen in particular I find quite difficult to source at times. I opted for the Clicks brand once and I find it just as good as the rest out there, and it is easily found for much less than others on the market. Retailing at about R80, it surely does the trick!


Three simple, straight-forward products that will give you a clean, fresh face on a day-to-day basis. A two minute face wash/scrub, ended off with a cooling nourishment face cream offered by Nivea for Men and Clicks Sunscreen has me going and maintaining my face.

Well, thanks for reading. I hope these tips help. Please do leave a comment down below if you have any questions or requests. Would love to hear your guys thoughts.

Until I blog again…


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