Spring Has Sprung, Out The Box


Hi Everyone,

Yes, we know we have not blogged in a while and that’s because life just happens lol! Things have been really busy on our side, shuffling between our day jobs and trying to achieve our dreams. But we have some really exciting things to come, especially a very cool project that we have just started and can’t wait to share with you all soon, so keep watching this space 🙂

Anyway besides all that, we just recently got invited to a spring event at Out The Box in the Gateway Mall (#OTBGateway). OTBGateway is a really cool concept as it showcases brands and products in an awesome glass box. With a really chilled vibe, it allows for one and all to connect and network. It occurs every month and we were super excited to be a part of this month’s ‘Spring Has Sprung’ event.

The sponsors of this month’s event were Nine West, @Home, SpitFire Sunglasses, Sorbet, and Mo-Zam-Bik. Nine West is a brand which is known for their high-end women shoes, and tonight they really did not disappoint, showcasing a few pairs from their latest range. @Home offers amazing homeware and decor, as well as some really amazing items which ought to make your life and home nice and cosy.


SpitFire Sunglasses was indeed our favourite sponsor of the night as we both really love funky and trendy sunnies! SpitFire channels an urban aesthetic, making their sunglasses super edgy and modern for their consumers at an affordable price.


Sorbet was one of the main sponsors of the night, they had a really great set up in the box as well as around the entire event. Charcoal facials were on offer at the event, this was more enticing for the guys as most of the ladies didn’t really want to get their makeup ruined lol. They also offered a really interesting face analysis which we both conducted (See below). It illustrated all concerning areas of our skin and the lovely ladies of Sorbet ensured that we were educated on ways to improve our skin from any further possible damage.


Last but not least, Mo-Zam-Bik sponsored the amazing food at the event.Mo-Zam-Bik is a Portuguese Restaurant that is most well known for their amazing prawns and spicy chicken. If you do decide to make your way to Durban, you should really try them out. They offer great food, an awesome Mozambiqan ambiance and truly superb service at all their restaurants. If you have not been to Mozambique, they are sure to give you the feel of it. They do have quite a number of branches around South Africa.

The event overall was super fun and allowed for us to meet some really great people from all sorts of industries and markets.


We left with a super thoughtful goodie bags with products from Sorbet – this included Dermalogica and Environ Skin Care samples to try out. Nine West were kind enought to provide everyone with vouchers as well. The products from Sorbet included Hydrating Oil Capsules, Hydra Blur Primer, Eye Gel, Clarifying Cream, as well as Body Oil. Tons of products for face pampering which really went hand in hand with the skin analysis they did for our face. We will definitely try these out and let you know what we think.


Well that’s it from us for now, thanks for reading! Keep a look out for the exciting new content that’s soon to come 🙂 Go ahead and pose any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you all!

Until we blog again..

Ammarah & Waheed




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