Oh So Versatile


Hey Girls,

So I recently received an amazing piece to add to my summer closet and it is the amazing slip dress by Lachet. If you don’t know about the Lachet brand, do yourself a favour and check them out online, they are a proudly South African brand based in Cape Town. They design unique clothing for women which are on trend and super affordable.

I know what you are thinking, “A slip dress? Really? What could be so amazing?” Well, let me take you through it. This slip dress has a unique twist to it. It has really long faux suede straps which can be used to change the way you style the dress with the ability of creating accessories such as a choker, waist belt, arm strap and much more. It’s all about how creative you can be. I put together three simple looks to emphasize how versatile this slip dress is. These three looks also illustrate three different sides to my style, which I found really cool. So I went for 1) A Layered Look; 2) My go-to Tomboy Twist; 3) A Playful Look. This dress is a must have for summer as it has a great flow touched by a soft fabric.


The Layered Look:

When it comes to a dress with straps like this one, I prefer wearing a short or long sleeve top underneath to emphasize the straps and the shape of the dress. As you can see below, I ensured that the long sleeve top I used had the same V-Neck line as the slip dress to ensure that it fits with the style of the dress. The second pic of this look clearly illustrates the straps which I have allowed to hang behind. I kept it simple with its natural flow to deliver a classic black dress that can be used for an event or a good night out. I paired this look with boots as it just tied up the layered look for me.


Tomboy Look:

This next look is by far my favourite, as its well within my comfort zone. For my go-to Tomboy Look, I used the straps to create a waist belt in order to accentuate my waist and create an hourglass shape for the girly side to pop out. I simply went around my waist twice and tied it up as a bow at the back. There are just so many ways you could use the straps. I do get bored of my dresses after a few uses, so being able to change it up even during the day is a really great touch. I paired this look with a faux suede black cap and black sneakers to keep it edgy and very chilled for a casual feel to the dress. This can be a great look for coffee out with friends or to run around doing erends for the day.


Playful Look:

At the moment a slip dress is surely a must have for summer and many stores and brands have been showcasing it in their own way which can be found in many different fabrics, nationwide. Another big trend that has been storming the market has been chokers. For this last look I went for a flattering summer look. All I did to change-up the dress was by using the straps to create a choker. Yes, it is long enough to create a choker whilst still being tied up as a dress.  Again, this choker could have been styled and created as you wish but I created a choker with a big bow and left pieces to hang. I then paired it with pumps and sparkly big hoop earrings to keep this look very playful.


If you love the look of this dress, or you just simply looking for a unique designer piece to add to your closet, then do check out Lachet on their social media pages provided below. For true style, quality, comfort and affordablity, I would highly recommend you purchasing this dress!

Facebook: LachetCPT

Twitter: Lachet_CPT

Instagram: Lachet_Clothing 

email: lachet@outlook.com

That’s it from me now. Please do leave a comment below if you would like to know anything or if you have any requests. Would love to hear from you guys!

Until I blog again…


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