3 Years Old


Hey Guys & Girls,

Firstly, A Happy New Year to you! Yes, it’s a bit delayed but we do hope that 2017 has welcomed you in with open arms.

January 17th, indeed a special day on our calendar that marked the birth of AW – well at least legally through marriage. 3 Years ago, we began our wonderful journey of total commitment to one another. It’s days like these that make us reflect on everything we have accomplished by simply being together and supporting each other’s dreams along the way. Today marks our 3 Year Anniversary!!!

So we thought it’s fitting that we do our first “matchy-matchy” post.

As a couple, we know its cliche but we do like to match at times. Sometimes we match by colour and other times by style. Since 2016 was all about pastel pink we decided to pair a very pale pastel pink with fitted denim jeans and a darker pastel pink AW cap. This look is awesome for a summer’s day out in the park, hence the location.

img_2283Outfit deets:

Tops: Factorie

Jeans: Ammarah = Levis & Waheed = Soviet

Cap: The AW Lifestyle Faux Suede Cap in Blush

We wish you all an awesome year ahead filled with tons of love and blessings. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some really awesome content, collabs, giveaways and just us!

Until we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed

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