Summer Daze


It’s the weekend! And it’s literally the middle of Feb ALREADY! Well, I hope that everyone is having an awesome weekend!

It has been really hot and humid in Durban recently that you would literally not know what to wear! So this look post is inspired by the very hot weather and lovely summer days we have been experiencing in Durban. I recently purchased an Adidas dress and thought it would be perfect for a summer’s day, especially because of it’s stunning floral red print. ‘Floral’ is definately a trend that I have been noticing with all dresses this summer. This dress is on the sporty side and super casual, which is perfect, as it really fits my style.

When items such as this possess such bold prints, I tend to keep accessories to a minimum and also keep my shoe choice simple. The only accessory I have got on with this outfit is my Apple watch which ties up with the sporty aspect. I then paired the dress with a black t-shirt on the inside, with a black pair of Yeezy’s. The black t-shirt ensures that the red print stands out. It’s such a subtle addition to my look but really makes a difference. This outfit is perfect for a hot day going out to the mall, meeting with friends or even just taking a stroll on the beach as I did!


Outfit Details:

Black T-shirt – Woolworths

Dress – Adidas

Shoes – Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost in Pirate Black

Accessory – Apple Watch 38mm Silver Aluminium Case with Pearl Woven Nylon Band

Thanks for reading! Like this if you’ve enjoyed it, leave a comment down below if there is anything you would like me to blog about in the near future. I would love to hear from you guys!

Until I blog again…


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