Oval Brush Set Review & Giveaway


Let’s talk Makeup brushes!

I have to say that when starting a makeup collection, I didn’t think of how much it was all going to cost. One would only really think about the cost of makeup products and forget about how much it is to actually invest in brushes to apply the makeup! Nevertheless, I am all for investing in good quality makeup brushes. If you are unable to fork out a lot for good quality makeup brushes then you can opt for a drug store brand which makes affordable brushes that can last and do the job just as well.

It is indeed difficult to choose a brand and which sort of set to buy as they are just so many on the market. As also mentioned before, it is not entirely cheap! I opted for the 10 Piece Oval Brush set by White Rabbit Republik. Why the 10 piece set? Well, simply because I wanted a full set which would allow me to do all I could think of on my face lol! The reason why I went with White Rabbit Republik is because I am all for supporting local SA Entreprenuers as well as a makeup brand that is committed to being cruelty free. Not to forget the fact that I love bunnies! Their collection can be found on White Rabbit Republik




Below is what I use each brush for: (Far left being 1 and far right being 10)

1&2 – Foundation, Setting Powder

3&4 – Blush, Bronzer

5 – Contour, Highlighter

6&7- Eye shadow, Eyeliner

8 – Brows

9 – Lips

10 – Concealer

I am absolutely enjoying this brush set, especially because it comes with a stand that displays the brushes beautifully and keeps them neat and tidy.


So yes, in light of me reaching 1000 followers on Instagram, I am giving away a bunch of White Rabbit Republik stuff! If you would love to win a set like this together with other White Rabbit Republik goodies, then all you have to do is:

  1. Follow Me and White Rabbit Republik on IG!
  2. Subscribe to my blog.
  3. Tag 5 friends (no celebs, other bloggers or fake accounts) in my IG post.
  4. Once you have completed the above 3 steps, then comment on this post with your IG handle and tell me which brush you would mostly use and why!

For extra entries:

  • Follow me on twitter (@ammarahcissufo)
  • Repost my IG picture about this giveaway (1 repost = 1 entry)

Below are all the lovely items that could be yours! It includes the above mentioned oval brush set (with the stand), an 8 Piece Rose Gold Brush set, 2 Makeup Bags and a Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat. This giveaway is valued at just over R2000, so get entering and tell your BabeSquad about this giveaway. It is one not to be missed;)

Until I blog again…


31 thoughts on “Oval Brush Set Review & Giveaway

  1. Instagram handle: @raafiahm
    I think I’d use the foundation brush the most because it looks like it could blend in foundation really quickly 😊


  2. @sameerahm

    Contour/highlighter- right now I’m all about this, I feel like these could make application so much cleaner and softer.


  3. Brush 1 – foundation. Because using a beauty blender absorps most of the product rather than blending it into your skin and by using a oval foundation, it allows for foundation to be spread and blended effectively


  4. Brush 6& 7 – Eye shadow and Eyeliner brush. I think one of my favourite makeup products would definitely be eye shadow and eyeliner and there’s not a day that will pass without me using them even if its a subtle look or a dramatic eye with a touch of a wing liner


  5. Brush 8 – Brow brush. I’m known for my sparse eyebrows therefore I make sure that they are filled to perfection everyday however some days using drug store brushes, it does not work effectively and may sometimes be a bit off. By using this amazing oval brush I will be assured that that my brows will be on point everyday


  6. Brush 10 – concealer brush. Being an Indian female we are known to have dark circles andnpatcjes underneath our eyes and currently a student which means late nights of studying therefore I use concealer on a daily basis to cover up. I do use a drug store brush and it causes creases making it look ugly and does not blend well so if I had to use the concealer brush I can rest assure that my dark circles and patches would be covered and will not stress about doing touch ups.


  7. I would say I’d use the foundation and setting powder brush the most. This is because it’s very important to start off a facebeat with a ‘solid foundation’ not literally solid but in terms of application it would really help with making sure I don’t have any creases on my makeup if I use it.
    Using it before setting the foundation would really help with making sure to having a perfect outcome.


  8. @haliiima24
    I’d use #6 and #7 for my eyeshadow. Looking st the shape of #6 I think it would be able to blend the product all over the eye perfectly without forming harsh lines and would create a smooth finish. #7 could be used to get in the smaller areas of the eyes and to perfect the eyeliner across the lash line.
    Would really love to use these brushes x


  9. I’d definitely yse the foundation brush to get that airbrushed finish! That sets the tone for your whole face. Good base equals good look! @ashstarfish


  10. I would definitely use the contour/highlight and foundation brush. Foundation brush for a perfect blend. Contour brush for a sharp contour 🔪🔪 and the hoghlighter brush brush for a poppin’ glow ✨✨


  11. I would love the eyebrow brush because good eyebrows is vital and oh the contour brush so you can slaaaaaaaaaay all daaaaay everydaaaaay💅💅💅💅🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  12. IG all_things_raeesha_

    This would be such a dream come true ,😫😫😫
    I would love not one but all of them ,because they are such beauties ,but if I had to choose I would love the contour brush ,cause who doesn’t want a strong contour that you can see from miles away 😍💅
    If I get this make-up look would like multiply .
    So please let me slaaaaaay all daaaaaaay with this amazing gift 😍😍🙏🙏


  13. Yusrahomar_

    I’d first of all use brush 1 – so that I won’t waste foundation because it looks like it can really spread the foundation out evenly.
    Then brush 5- would also be one of my favourites because contouring makes every face thin and I need that , plus highlight I need to look like a glazed donut 😍😍😍

    Brush 8- would be mostly use because I literally have no eyebrows.

    Those would be my favourites but I’d definitely make use of all these beauties ❤❤

    Please pick me ✋💕


  14. Mainly the foundation brush because right now, I apply foundation with my fingers and it goes crazy on my face within a few hours. But if I have all of those brushes my face will look presentable on a daily basis 😊. Thank you for this opportunity ❤..


  15. @raeesah.hendricks
    Definitely brushes 6&7, I currently only wear foundation and haven’t really gotten into wearing eyeshadow but with those babies I would definitely try it out. They look super soft and they’re super cute too.
    This is a stunning giveaway, I’d really love to get it.


  16. I would use the foundation brush, because I watched alot of tutorials with this brush set. And the foundation brush acts as a beauty blender as it blends the foundation perfectly on your skin. This brush leaves no lines or uneven blotchy foundation. This will definitely be my fav go to brush. My ig name : saakiena_isaacs


  17. I would definitely use 1&2 the most. @__assra__Setting a good Base and making your foundation blend in smoothly with your skin is really important, but can also be really difficult to get it to look flawless. This is something I sometimes struggle with. These brushes definitely look like they can make the process a whole lot easier.


  18. I would love the foundation brush because I really struggle blending my foundation 🙈 and I would really love to win cause I’m new in the make up world so this can be my first set of makeup brushes ❤️❤️


  19. @uh_huh_hunney I think all the brushes are awesome but my go to brush would be the contour and highlight brush mainly because I’ve been struggling with my normal brushes to contour and highlight and having that/those brushes would make my daily routine so much easier and I can look dressed to the nines in half of the time!😊


  20. Insta- @zaakirahkablay
    I would use brushes 1&2 because I like to have my foundation spread evenly. As well as brush number 5, the way I love contouring and highlighting, it’s difficult if you don’t have the right brushes to do so.


  21. @stephanie_elizabeth_james

    ♡ I would definitely use brush #6 and #7 the most 😍 due to the fact that it’s used for Eyeshadow and Eyeliner.

    Eyeshadow and Eyeliner is a everyday essential for Me 😀👌. I Believe that your eyes are one of the most important features a person has. You don’t have to have blue eyes or green eyes to be unique . Being a Brow eyed girl is just as Unique and that is more than enough reason for me to show off my brown eyes with eyeshadow and eyeliner 😍😀👀



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