Autumn Lovin’


Hey Lovelies!

This is certainly one of my favourite shoots for 2017 thanks to my personal photographer, Waheed Issufo 🙂 Yes, he does take bookings!

When it comes to the weather in Durban, I can’t really tell the difference between Summer and Autumn. It’s literally hot, humid and at times rainy all season round. So yes, it’s basically hot throughout the year. Although, you can definitely notice the beauty of Autum in this location I was shot at.


Inspired by the beauty of Autumn, I decided to go with a piece from one of my favourite local brands – “Shop Brett Robson” by Brett Robson. If you don’t already have this dress or at least something from this Brand then you need to go ahead and order something, like now! The prices of the clothing and accessories are really reasonable and you will be sure to pick up something super trendy at any given time.

The dress I am rocking is definitely my favourite piece taken from the Summer Collection. I love this dress because it’s super versatile and looks great just as a summer dress or a super chic longer length top that can be paired with a long sleeve top and jeans for those cooler Autumn days. It’s a super cute piece because of the simple addition of the little colourful bobbles on the ends. There are just endless ways to style it and that’s why it was a must have for me. Here, I paired it with sneakers and a few accessories.

fullsizeoutput_1000IMG_3821IMG_3827fullsizeoutput_fff fullsizeoutput_ffe

Dress: Shop Brett Robson

Accessories: Choker on my wrist – Shop Brett Robson

Sneakers: Superga

This lookbook was super fun for me, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Until I blog again…


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