Flat Cap, Round Cap…

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. So what better way than to blog about something that I always struggle with, going with a flat cap or round cap for the day…

Ever struggled to make your mind up on this? Well I do, and the simple problem is I have gone and started a collection of caps which just caused more of a crisis because I now have a variety of styles to choose from. Caps are one of the things I enjoy purchasing and collecting as much as I enjoy doing with my watches! Yeah, I have big dreams to have a closet just for my caps and watches…aand perhaps my sneakers too!


So yes, I do talk to myself and argue with myself (at times with my wife) about what cap to pair my look with! Sometimes both flat and round look great, cumon I don’t mean at once. I think it all boils down to what sort of vibe you’re going for on the day. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it really sunny out there that you would need the practicality of a cap to save your face from over tanning?
  2. Having a bad hair day?
  3. Or are you simply just keen for an added accessory which would raise questions such as: Is it sunny indoors? Did your mother not teach you that caps indoors is disrespectful?


For this look, both look great! But living in the sunny city of Durban and on a day out like this, I would certainly go for the round. Don’t get me wrong, both round and flat save you from your 50 Shades Darker moments, of tanning that is, but the round just worked for me! Especially with the look I went for, I did not want to over power the clean cut nature of the “boxed” top I have on so the round cap just added the finishing touch.


Top – Markhams

Jeans – Soviet

Cap – Flat (Imported); Round (The AW Lifestyle)

Shoes – Adidas Oxford Tan Yeezy 350 Boost


Let’s hear your thoughts.

Until I blog again…


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