Velvet Glow


Let’s make this Monday a little brighter by talking about this highlighter:)

I have been looking for a cool tone highlighter to try out for everyday use and since there was so much hype around LA Girl Strobe Highlighters, I thought I would look into the LA Girl brand a bit more and see what they were all about. I have read so many reviews on the strobe highlighter and most say that it’s amazing and delivers, so I thought it would be great to review something that you guys haven’t heard much of. Here’s where I decided to take this Velvet Hi-Lite stick for a spin.


After having tried this highlighter stick, I don’t really have a preference between a powder or stick. My preference for either a powder highlighter or a highlighting stick changes from time-to-time. This Velvet Hi-Lite stick was really moisturizing to my skin and gave off an immensely smooth and luminous finish to my skin. I definitely tend to use this Velvet Hi-Lite stick during the hot summer days as it doesn’t make my foundation cakey and gives me that long-lasting glow throughout the day – yes it’s awesome.

I don’t think I would use this in winter though simply because my skin tends to be locked with moisture during winter as opposed to summer – where my skin tends to dry up a lot more. The formula of this La Girl Velvet Hi-Lite stick is really and truly everything! It’s so easy to apply, it literally glides on my skin of which I love! The only down side, and may `i emphasize, tiny downside to this stick is that the texture is so smooth it somewhat blends into the foundation very easily so I usually need to apply about 3 strokes. But can we just take a moment to appreciate that subtle glow that it delivers!


Overall I would say that this highlighter is definitely a hit! It’s super affordable and you can purchase it at any Dischem! This particular shade is pretty light but complimented my skin tone amazingly! Go on and get yours and let me know what you think of it.

Until I blog again…


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