Get Make-up Ready With Kiki


How stunning is this packaging?

Kiki is a luxury skin care brand that is relatively new to South Africa which consist of a Make-up Ready Range which is Paraben Free, Sulphate Free, Mineral Oil Free, Petrolatum Free, Cruelty Free and is locally produced. If you really into face care you would know what those terms would mean for your skin but im not super into whether its sulphate free etc so lets just get into the review:)

Let’s be honest, the struggle is real in order to have your make-up last the entire day and at the same time look flawless. Well, Kiki recently sent me their Face Primer, Rose Wax Lip Balm and their Radiance Moisturiser to put to the test. These products do sell at a premium price so I was determined to put these products through a full on test. I aimed to take it through all my daily struggles to see if it really does deliver on “extended make-up wear” and on keeping my make-up flawless throughout the day.


The very first thing I noticed during my testing period is that I had to use the primer and moisturizer together in order to get a better result. The Kiki Primer is an absolute buy! This primer contains natural oat kernel extracts which has anti-ageing and firming abilities, it really makes your skin smooth and allows for a smoother make-up application. The super cool thing about this primer is that it can be used throughout the day to soften, smooth and even provide extra moisture to your skin if you experience dryness at any given time. How great is that? Not to forget that the bottle of the primer is absolutely stunning, and has a really cute applicator that pops out when you twist the top of the bottle. If you want a good primer that delivers on its promises then this a definite buy, and for the size it is really value for your money.


The moisturiser has a lovely thin texture and absorbs quickly into your skin. Using the moisturizer and then applying the primer gave me a great result once my make-up was applied. My make-up lasted the entire day without any flaws and I was super impressed with the results.


The Rose Wax Lip Balm was definitely a favourite of mine as my lips are generally dry and I tend to stuggle to keep them moisturized. This lip balm has a rich buttery texture and left my lips smooth, soft and moisturized. It gives off a lovely result whether you use it under or over your lipstick. I wasn not really a fan of the smell but if you into flowery, rosey smells then you would love it.


The range of products offered by Kiki are really luxurious and they sure do deliver in results. I have heard a lot of good things about their setting sprays as well, so do check them out:

IG: @kikibeautysa

Let me know if you have tried any of their products out and what your thoughts are on them. They are also having a really great Mother’s Day Promotion, so be sure to check that out on Instagram too. If you would like to request a review on any other products, please do leave a comment below! Thanks for reading:)

Until I blog again…


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