The Gateway Ambassador Search 2017

IMG_5699Wow, indeed an experience I had thoroughly enjoyed from start to end. And to only think that I was not going to enter this competition.  I was fortunate enough to make it all the way through to the finals and be a part of the top 6 of the competition but more specifically the top 3 guys! For all those that were doubting whether or not to enter the competition – I was really close at not entering too! (Bummer if you’re not in Durban though). All it took was a little leap of faith that got me all the way to the finals. Initially to enter, all I had to do was simply produce a 30 second video for the Gateway Team, expressing why I should be Gateway’s next Brand Ambassador. Guys and girls in Durban – be sure to try out the competition in 2018. Trust me, it may just be worth your while producing a mere 30 second video which could really unlock a number of doors for you in the end!

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After submitting my video and being shortlisted, the next stage of the competition was filled with tons of anxiety and pressure to convince the judges (Gateway Marketing and Management; Terence Pillay; Vanessa Marawa) why I would be the best Gateway Ambassador. It was unlike any panel interview I had ever been for (to be honest nothing could have prepared me for it), however it was lots of fun!

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The remainder of the competition was nothing less than fun, excitement and loads of flashes from the camera! We, as the top 6, will be a part of all Gateway’s media campaigns for 2017 so don’t be too surprised when you see a familiar face on a billboard or promotion sometime.

This journey has not only provided me with great prizes in the end, but has also provided awareness for myself as a brand in the social space. It has taught me a few wonderful things about myself and also graced me with an abundance of experience in modelling profesionally for a really great brand and notable shopping centre in South Africa. Most importantly it has allowed me to connect with really great people I now call friends and has also unlocked some really exciting opportunities ahead!

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To the entire Gateway Shopping Centre Team, the top 6 finalists and all those that routed for me along the way – THANK YOU!! To Louis and Pelisha – CONGRATS. I look forward to the exciting things planned for the year ahead!

Until I blog again…


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