Vichy is a premium skin-care brand that have developed a range for men called HOMME. I was treated with two of their products:

1) SENSI BAUME which is a Soothing After-Shave Balm that truly lives upto its name. It is alcohol-free, Paraben-free and fragrance-free ensuring that it is extremely kind to sensitive skin.

2) LIFTACTIV which is an anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue and active care moisturizer to energize dehydrated and dull skin and tackle wrinkles.

I have been using these two products for a some time now and yes they are truly awesome! So let me take you through them.

The SENSI BAUME aftershave treatment is specifically designed for men with all skin types but more notably for guys with sensitive skin. With its soothing yet non-greasy feel, it is probably one of the best after-shave balms I have ever used. It incorporates Thermal Spa Water that’s rich in minerals, and soothing effects from dermo-repairing Calcium, which is sure to provide sensitive skin with a wonderful dual action. With sensitive skin like I have, trying this balm out was a massive leap of faith from what I normally use. But it sure as hell delivered to its promise.

Applied after a few shaves and noticed no post shave reaction at all! My skin was smooth, hydrated and moisturized just the way I needed to be – right up until my next shave! I mean not literally, you still have to shower and use a face moisturizer bro! They promise that after some time of using the product, your skin will be less reactive to shaving, which means less irritation or after-shave bumps –  one try and I can probably vouch for that. Certainly on point!


So when it came to LIFTACTIV, I was like naaaahhh I don’t need this. Wrinkles for who? Me? But yes, curiosity around its benefits got me using it – I mean, I had nothing to lose but perhaps some wrinkles and skin fatigue right! I found this product to be really good in a number of ways. I found that my face was in some sense mattified and smoother yet hydrated and luminous. Definitely not a product I would simply jump at with any brand simply due to my perception of not needing it since it targets wrinkles. But, I will certainly be more prone to look at these treatments going forward. I mean, why not slow down and/or prevent some wrinkles?! It surely energizes my skinafter application which I enjoy most.

Vichy can be found in Dischem and Clicks stores. They do have a range of items so I do encourage you guys to try it out. If you’re “not ready” for the LIFTACTIV, certainly try out the after-shave balm. It’s the best out there in my opinion! Let me know what you think. Check out their website Vichy for more information and to view more of what they have to offer.

Until I blog again…


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