Comfortably Warm & Trendy


Hey Girls,

Today I wanted to chat about how you can rock the wide sleeve/ bell sleeve trend (call it what you want). This trend is was huge in summer of this year and it’s definitely a super cool trend that I don’t think will be gone any time soon. 

This trend is usually found in rather thin fabric for summer or warmer days. But fear not! One of my favourite SA designers, “Lachet” has launched this super cute sweater dress that incorporates the bell sleeve trend. If you have been following my blog, you would know that I had done a piece on The Lachet Slip Dress sometime last year (definitely give it a read if you have not) and so it’s no surprise that I am loving a piece from her winter collection.

This burgundy Lachet Sweater Dress is made from fleece, brushed inner, and poly cotton blend which makes it super soft, warm and most of all comfy!

We all know that it’s really a pain at times to dress up in winter, simply due to the first thing that pops up on your mind  – will I be warm enough?? So looking at this sweater you would think, is this warm enough to head out? Well, with its 3/4 sleeves I really did not feel one bit of cold! The material is so warm and luxurious – really love it.


I have to say that this Lachet Sweater Dress is also super versatile! If you have a look at the Lachet Instagram page you will see that they’re all about versatility in that all their pieces can be worn in so many ways.


This dress also surprised me because it has POCKETS! I know right?! That’s something really simple but I honestly love the pockets on this dress. Here is a closer look at the dimension of the dress, the pockets and sleeves..


Outfit Details:

Lachet Sweater Dress

Belt by Shop Brett Robson

Jeans by Soviet Denim

Sneakers are Nike Air Max Thea

Thanks for reading! Do check out the Lachet page, you won’t be disappointed 🙂


Until I blog again…


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