Yardley London Bond St His & Hers


So we have been wanting to do a post like this for sometime now, simply because we LOVE our fragrances and literally enjoy collecting different types.

Yardley London just recently surprised us with their His & Hers fragrances from their Bond St range. This range is inspired by their flagship store that was situated in the heart of London’s famous Bond Street in the earlier 90’s. Bond Street is well-known for luxury goods stores (Cartier, LV, Gucci and many more) and is buzzed with influential and wealthy individuals.

The fragrance range embodies the vibe and aesthetic of Bond Street – the first hit of the fragrance and look of the product and its packaging transported our minds to that very street. It incorporates a sophisticated yet elegant appearance and aroma in what it has to offer.

For Him – Yardley London Bond St No.33:


“Spicy – Floral – Woody”

“Seductively warm and sophisticated, this fragrance combines fresh and citrusy top notes with an aromatic and oral heart. The foundation lies in the heady combination of patchouli and vetyver.”

Waheed – My thought is that it certainly highlights its scents of being spicy, floral and woody. It defines, in my view, what a “gentleman” who is formal, classy yet highly sophisticated would smell like. It certainly serves a scent to portray a “high-end” quality which I would use on occasion.

Ammarah – I loved the scent of this fragrance on him because it is manly but understated. The scent, in my view, is highly attractive in that it gains my attention but at the same time is not overbearing.


For Her – Yardley London Bond St No.8:

bond-st-no-8-50ml-edp-grp.jpg“Oriental – Chypre”

“This scent is a modern, classic oral fragrance with a delicate fruity twist. With notes of jasmine, patchoul and vanilla for sensual, bold, yet sophisticated fragrance with an elegant base.”

Ammarah – The initial scent gained from this fragrance would be the fresh tones of citrus that it offers. It’s not a very fruity or floral overbearing scent due to its spicy edge. This is certainly a fragrance I would utilize on a daily basis.

Waheed – I found it emphasizing scents of soft, floral yet spicy notes of absolute freshness. It is gentle and mild in its scent on her yet highly attractive!


Shop these online at Dischem:



Let us know what you think once you have purchased yours!

Until we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed

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