Healthy Skin?


You guessed it! Hydration is the key to healthy looking skin.

To have healthy looking skin you have to drink A LOT of water as well use products that keep your skin hydrated, that’s why I was super excited when Clinique sent me their Hydration Kit to discover which one works for me. Each of the three products are different but all offer the benefit of super hydrated skin.


Want A Healthy Glow?

The Yellow One is called “Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion” and this is for skin strengthening hydration. So when I received this press drop, this was the first product I tried because it claims to be a non-acnegenic formula that improves skin texture within the first week and I was totally intrigued by that! When applying it on my face it was super smooth, slightly thick so I would suggest not applying a lot, otherwise it feels a bit heavy. It has somewhat of a medicated smell to it (which my hubby did not like) but other than that it felt good on the skin. It claims to provide all day hydration and did deliver on that but because I have combination type skin, some areas of my face felt a bit oily. So if you have dry skin and in the market for something to keep you hydrated through harsh winter and dry summer then this is for you!


Want Dewy Skin?

The Pink One is called “Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief” and provides 24hour refreshing hydration. This is a gel-cream formula with specially charged aloe water, and is known to be “nature’s perfect moisture magnet”. The scent of this product makes me think of being at a spa, it smells and feels luxurious on the skin. Claims to be quick absorbing (tick), oil free (tick), reduces fine dry  lines (tick) and gives 24hour hydration (tick). I definitely loved using this product at night because it gave my skin that boost of hydration throughout the night.


Want Matte Perfection?

The Blue One is called ” Pep-Start HydroBlur”  which is for 6hour oil control and hydration. Need I say more? For an individual like myself with combination skin all you want to hear is oil control & hydration and you’re sold haha! The formulation is amazing! It is lightweight, oil-free and is basically like a primer and moisturizer in one, as it softens and blurs fine lines leaving skin with a matte, soft and silky feel. Whats not to love? It made my skin hydrated and matte and after apply makeup I could really tell the difference with using this product, as my makeup stayed flawless throughout the day without getting oily or flakey.


Let me know what you skin types you guys are and I can give more info on the specific one that may work for you. The costs of these products are a bit high but a little does go a long way. Hope it sheds some light on these products as it’s always hard choosing skin products especially because it can be costly and may not work out but definitely read reviews and do your research before you purchase any.

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