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Shopping is always such an exciting topic šŸ˜‰ So if you’re like me that loves the ease of online shopping then this post is definitely for you!

I simply love the fact that some international online stores ship to South Africa! And Public Desire is one of them! For those of you who do not know PD, where have you been? (just kidding:P) But honestly, it is ‘shoe heaven’ for any shoe lover out there! They stock only ladies shoes but have a massive variety from boots, to sandals, flats, heels, and wedges! You name it, they have it!

I love the fact that they are always on trend and because they areĀ UK based their seasons are ahead of us! So lucky for me, they were having a massive sale on their boots last month. Since we are heading into our Winter soon and well I just enjoy wearing boots all year round:PĀ I was quick to order two pairs of boots.

I went with a black ankle boot with the most amazing clear block heel! And also snatched a grey knee-high boot. I was super excited for my parcel to get here! But as you would imagine, shopping from international online stores comes with a long lead time.

I placed my order on the 12 Jan 2018 andĀ received my order on the 13 Feb 2018.




Ordering Process:

Once my order was paid for, Ā I receive a confirmation email that my order had been placed. A few days later I then received a notification email saying that my order had been dispatched and they provided me with a tracking number which I could use to track my order on theĀ international tracking site.

I tracked it weekly with anticipation and excitement, and to be honest a little impatience! Once I saw the tracking detail stating that my parcel had arrived in SA, I called the SA postal services consumer care line who gave me a local tracking number for my parcel which allowed me to track it in more detail as it was being cleared and sent to a local post office. This showed me where in SA my parcel was each time it was scanned.

Once I saw it scanned into my local post office I was so excited! One thing you should know is that even if you input a physical address as your delivery address, the parcel will not be delivered to your address. You have to collect your parcel from a local SA postal office. Because I had a delivery address which was a physical address in La lucia, Durban, my package ended up at the SA post office situated in La lucia and that’s where I had collected it (please note that this is where you will pay a customs tax before your parcel is released).

Once I received my parcel I was sooooo excited! I ripped open the plastic and was unfortunately brought to a slight disappointment.

Firstly, both boots that I ordered were Size 7 (which is my correct shoe size), before even opening the box I saw that one of the shoe sizes were a 6.

Secondly, once I opened the boot that was a size 6, I realized it was the knee-high boot I had ordered but they had sent it in black instead of grey. Nevertheless, I decided to fit it on, but it wouldnā€™t fit me at all…

I was a bit disappointed but lets not forget that mistakes do happen. I was refunded for the incorrect boot within 5 days after lodging my complaint in full for the price I had paid for it (excluding shipping and customs tax though) but I was able to keep and sell the shoe which I guess compensated for the mistake and disappointment. So I donā€™t have a picture of it unfortunately. On the bright side my ankle boot came in the right size and colour and fitted perfectly!



Dont forget that when your parcel arrives you will have to pay a customs tax at the psot office, so just be sure to factor this in (I paid about 30% of the total amount for this).

I would say – buy true to your size but if you have a foot size that leans from one size to another or if you usually takes halves (6.5) then I would say take a bigger size. I am usually a size 7 and this size 7 fits very snug.

If you have any issues like receiving the wrong package, wrong size etc then I suggest contacting them on twitter as they are quick to respond and assist you.

Definately take advantage of their sales as well as free shipping (when they have those deals). These can save you a great deal and make it way worth it buying from an international store. So make sure you follow them on IG and sign up to their newsletter to stay updated on their daily deals and coupon codes!

Get yourself with the Public Desire memo and you won’t be disappointment:)


Until I blog again…


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