Bump Style Guide


How to not break the bank on maternity wear?

I know it can be overwhelming as your body literally changes over night to accommodate your precious little one, I know I was! I had not gained any weight in my first trimester and could still wear all my clothes. But somewhere around my second trimester, I was all of a sudden unable to fit into my jeans. My clothes simply started feeling too restricted and uncomfortable. This is when I knew that it was time to look into maternity wear!

Since this is my first pregnancy, I had no expectations about maternity wear but wow was it difficult to go to a mall and find a selection of maternity wear. I was lucky enough to find a few pieces at MRP which I found to be really affordable. I was also gifted a pair of black maternity leggings available at H&M from a friend which I think is a basic must have during pregnancy. I made sure to purchase a few items at H&M as well, they are however a little pricey.

Besides MRP and H&M, I was also lucky enough to find Cherry Melon! They came to my rescue and gifted me some amazing maternity wear basics that are super versatile and easy to style in many ways. They create really easy-to-wear maternity wear that will work with you throughout your pregnancy, nursing stages and beyond. All their styles are designed and manufactured locally in South Africa and you can find them online at cherrymelon.co.za (they have stores in JHB, PTA and CT). They are now my go to maternity wear because of their affordable and versatile pieces, and as I reach the end of my pregnancy and prepare for nursing I am looking to purchase nursing winter wear from them aswell. Here are the items I received and how I styled them casually for weekend wear:

Look 1: Cherry Melon Round Neck Top & Navy Pants

The most comfortable two pieces of maternity wear you will own!


Change it up tip – For a more formal corporate look, simply throw off the cap and swap out the denim jacket for a classic blazer and light scarf.


Look 2: Cherry Melon Dark Wash Jeans & Overlay Feeding Top

Both pieces hug you in all the right places 😉


Change it up tip – Swap the jeans out for a high-waisted skirt that you can wear over the bump (hiding the white inner) and allowing for the overlay panels to fall over. Pair that with cute pumps or wedges and you are good to go for date night 🙂


Look 3: Cherry Melon Navy Smock and H&M Leggings

The cutest smock that accentuates your bust area and shows off your bump.


Change it up tip – The smock is my absolute favourite piece because you could style it in so many ways and it makes your bump look super cute! Another look I did with this for a more corporate chic take was throwing a blazer on with wedges to dress it up. You could easily also make this super casual and wear cute sandals and a pair of 3/4 embellished leggings.


Look 4: Cherry Melon French Navy Dress

The most amazing figure hugging dress to show off your growing bump. It’s also perfect for those weekly milestone pictures to track your growing bump 🙂



Change it up tip – Switch out the loose denim shirt for an elegant cardigan or kimono. Throw out the cap and sneakers and opt for sandals or boots.


Look 5: Cherry Melon Black & White Spot Top

The perfect top to give the illusion of not being pregnant at all!


Change it up tip – Pair it up with a pleated high-waisted skirt that can be worn over the belly to accentuate your waist and show off your bump.


If you have been following me on Instagram I am sure you would’ve noticed by now that these pieces are super versatile as I have been wearing them weekly in different ways. The secret to maternity wear is to find a few base colour pants, tops and dresses that you can dress up/down whilst still being super comfortable and stylish. Also engage with Pinterest, it is great at giving ideas on how to use a few of your current items in your wardrobe to amp up your maternity looks 🙂 Well that’s it from me for now…


Until I blog again…



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