Natralogic Pregnancy Skin Care Review


I recently received these amazing pregnancy skin care products from Natralogic to review and honestly I am blown away by this brand’s products.

What I particularly love about them is that they have a spa like sensorial experience when using them, they also all have their own unique scents. I have to mention that I am very inspired by the background story of how this brand came about so I thought I would start by sharing some of it below.

About Natralogic:

Natralogic is proudly South African and is developed in Durban. The founder of Natralogic is a mom herself and has a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry. She is passionate about spreading information about the cosmetic industry and some of the dangers of certain chemical ingredients and overall lack of safety regulation in the industry. Being involved in the skincare industry for years, she was able to develop products to use during her pregnancy, which she made sure it contained only the safest, most effective natural ingredients. This then inspired her to launch Natralogic, South Africa’s first all-natural skincare range developed specifically for the needs of pregnant women, with the intention of helping other moms feel empowered and at ease over their pregnancy skincare choices.

What a mom boss, right?! You have so much to worry about when you pregnant so Natralogic gives you the peace of mind when it comes to your pregnancy skincare needs.

The range currently includes 5 products:


Cooling Leg Gel

The cooling leg gel is by far my favourite product from the range. When you think gel you think a sticky or greasy consistency but this product is far from that. I used this product mostly now towards the end of my pregnancy as my feet and legs started swelling and cramping, applying this product provided me with some instant relief. It also has a minty menthol like scent which is soothing and cooling when applying on your legs and feet.

Exfoliating Creme 

I used this exfoliating creme in the shower and focused on my tummy, back and thigh areas. This gave my stretching skin some relief as the product is super soft and gentle when applying. It also contains exfoliating mircobeeds which assist with the itchyness and dryness. I have also been told by other mums that exfoliating assist with preventing stretch marks so it should definately be part of your pregnancy skin care routine:)

Nipple Creme

I dont think I can stress how important nipple cream is before little one arrives to prepare your sensitive nipples for breast feeding. This Natralogic nipple cream has a sticky like texture that you apply directly on and assists in keeping your nipples from getting cracked or sore. It is also safe to use while breastfeeding.

Tummy Creme

The tummy creme is lovely and has a very calming scent, I cant quite put my finger on what exactly it smells like but it so soothing and calming. The formulation is super light weight and simply glides on, you can feel how moisturizing it is as it doesnt just instanstly absorb into the skin and this means no try itchy tummy throughout the day:) It also assists with stretch mark prevention.

Toning Massage Oil

This toning massage oil has a beautiful citrus like scent and promises to firm and tone problem areas. My hubby used this product to massage my lower back area as I found it to assist with my growing love handles and appearing stretch marks.

Natralogic’s certifications:

  1. Formulated specifically for use during pregnancy
  2. Formulated using only Certified Organic and Natural ingredients
  3. Formulated using sustainable ingredients and recyclable materials
  4. Formulated using our unique 7-step pharmaceutical grade ingredient selection process
  5. Certified COSMOS Natural by ECOCERT
  6. Certified by the Vegan Society
  7. Certified by Beauty Without Cruelty
  8. Clinically and dermatologically certified
  9. Suitable for use on sensitive skin
  10. Approved by European Safety Regulations (EC1223/2009)

Find out more about Natralogic here


My final thoughts:

As a first time mum-to-be I literally didnt have any idea on how my body changing would affect my skin care choices. What I did know is that any product I picked up now had to be safe to use on myself and wouldnt have any effect on baby. This is why I would definately recommend Natralogic! It is an all natural, local brand that makes products that takes into account both mum and baby at the heart of it. It also has a range of products that provides a solution for all your pregnancy skincare needs and makes for the perfect baby shower gift to spoil the mom-to-be (you can thank me later;))


Until I Blog Again…


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