Johnson’s Bedtime Range Product Review


There is nothing more important than a good night time routine to get your litlle one ready for bed time.

Ayaan and sleep don’t go together haha so we had start with a consistent bedtime ritual to get him calm and ready to sleep. The secret to our night time routine is a bath, massage and then cuddles. This consistent routine assisted in Ayaan falling asleep faster and stayed asleep longer – that means happy parents:D

We recently got sent this Johnsons Bedtime range to try out on Ayaan but honestly we were using the oil and aqueous cream in this range even before we received this drop and we absolutely love it! Using the right products at night time bathing is super important in getting your little one relaxed and sleepy.

Each product in this range in enriched with NaturalCalm essences, which is a patented blend of  naturally derived relaxing aromas and thats exactly why we love choosing this range at bath time. We partically love the bedtime oil which we massage on Ayaan while in the bath and this makes all the difference in getting him relaxed and calm for bed. Also the scent of this range is super luxurious and gives you that soft “baby smell”

More about the range:

Soothing Bedtime Cleansers: 

  • Free from dyes (except soap), alcohol and sulphates, the gentle formula cleanses delicate skin while relaxing baby
  • No more tears* forumla

Soothing Bedtime Moisturisers:

  • Free from dyes
  • Peadiatrician and dermatologist tested
  • Clinically proven mildness* formula
  • Provides moisture to protect delicate skin

Soothing Bedtime Powder:

  • Peadiatrician and dermatologist tested
  • Gently absorbs excess moisture to keep skin soft and comfortable
  • Creates a protective barrier to reduce efforts of rubbing and chafing.


Let us know what your bedtime routine is like and what products you use at bath time for your little one:)

Until we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed

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