Pond’s Mineral Clay Cleansers


Say helloooo to Pond’s latest launch that’s changing the skin care game!

Welcome three all new Pond’s Mineral Clay Cleansers that each tackle a different skin care need. The pink one is the Flawless Radiance Mineral Clay Cleanser for a smoother brighter skin, the black is the Pure Detox Mineral Clay Cleansing scrub for exfoliated polished skin and the teel is the Pimple Clear Mineral Clay Cleanser which reduces signs of pimples. The Pond’s brand have carefully selected the world’s most prestiguous and potent clays from Morrocco to formulate this Mineral Clay range. Apart from the range tackling the most common skin care needs, these Morroccan Clay Cleansers contain properties such as detoxing, pulling out bacteria and impurities from the skin (without over-drying), removing dead cells, and oxygenating the skin.

This range is next level! I have tried all three and I have to say it’s one range that changes the skincare game! The formulation has detoxifying and rejuvinating properties not to forget that the amazing clay like formulation magically turns into a foam when in contact with water! The sensorial experience you get from first applying the clay to your face and then the transformation of the foam cleanser is absolutely amazing. The texture of this product on my skin was super luxurious and velvet like. When you think of a clay you think hard and sticky but the texture of these cleansers glide easily onto the skin and feel super gentle and soft on the skin. Not to forget, the scent of all three is like the cherry on top for this range.

If you can’t tell already, I am a massive fan of this range and I have been raving about it from the day I tried it. My fav from the range is the Pure detox but I like to switch it up every now and then with the pimple clear one, because I have pimple prone skin. This range has been doing wonders for my skin! Say hello to smooth, clear, glowing skin!


These babies retail for R89.99 each and are available at all major retailers. So what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on one and thank me later 😉


Until I Blog Again…


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