Sink your teeth into this…


Before we became parents we already heard about how hard teething can be for babies, but you never truly know until you a parent and experience it first hand.

Teething usually starts between 4-6 months and there are several symptoms like excessive drooling, rash around the mouth, irratability, refusing to eat, coughing etc. And as a parent all you want to do is comfort your baby to take the pain away. With Ayaan, he has excessive drooling, I mean we go through bibs like crazy! Recently he has also lost his appetite and he also wants to bite anything he can get his hands on and he actually gets frustrated if what he is biting is not giving him relief. So you can imagine how excited we got when our Tommee Tippee fam sent us a little teething package (see below) which contained the Tomee Tippee Teeth n Feed, Teethe n Cool, and Teethe n Play aswell as a pack of biltong (almost every parent i know has said biltong is the best for babies to bite on when they teething, we havent tried this for Ayaan yet).


Teethe n Play

We know teething is no fun for anyone especially on your little one but this super colourful teething toy can give your baby some much needed relief. It is designed to be chilled in the fridge for extra soothing coolness. What we loved about this one was that its super easy for baby to hold onto, the colours are super stimulating, and it has so many areas of different textures which meant no matter how Ayaan held it he always got relief. An added benefit is that when baby shakes it, it makes a rattle sound which Ayaan found entertaining.

Teethe n Feed

This little contraption is a favourite of ours as Ayaan always wants something to put in his mouth when we are eating. Even though we have started him on solids he is still not at the teething biscuits phase, so the Tommee Tippee Teethe n Feed allowed us to introduce solids at snack time to him in a safe way without the fear of choking. This fresh food feeder is super easy to use, all you have to do is cut up some food/fruit/even ice cubes, pop it into the net bag and seal it. The handle allows for your little one to easily hold onto it and the net bag allows for tiny pieces to come through which are managable for them. We tried it with ice cold apples for Ayaan and he loved it, you can watch this process here. This can keep baby entertained for a while which means you can eat in peace too haha winning!

Teethe n Cool

This little fish is a must have as a first teething toy. Ayaan took to this one first and literally uses this one the most. It’s super easy for him to hold and any part of the fish has amazing soothing textures for his gums. This fish has a variety of textures from soft, medium to hard, you can also pop it into the fridge to provide cool comfort and soothe inflamed gums.

So what are you waiting for? go get your hands on one if not all of these items to keep your little one comforted during this rough time. We are still waiting for Ayaan’s first tooth to appears but these toys are keeping him busy and providing him relief while we wait for his little milk teeth to appear. Good luck to all the parent’s going through this, it aint easy but we know its worth it:)


Untill we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed


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