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If you follow us on IG you would know that we recently went on a trip to Mauritius. All you thinking when going on a holiday like this is sun, sand and sea. That being said, sun protection is a must! Especially when your whole body is going to be exposed to the sun pretty much throughout the day.

A lot of people usually say you dont need to put on sunscreen because you will be submerged in water, or you cannot tan when you have sunscreen on or people with darker skin tones dont need sunblock. Heading into the summer holidays we thought we some light (pun intended:D) around sun protection and let you know why we loved using Cetaphil Sun on our island getaway.

First things first, it’s important to know that sunscreen is necessary whether the sun is visable or not (cloudy days). Anytime your skin is exposed to light from the sun, it is exposed to UV rays, so even on those overcast days sun protection is necessary.

In Africa, people have the perception that because you have a darker skin tone you don’t need to use sunscreen. That is an absolute myth, just because you have more melanin in your skin does not mean you are protected from the sun. UVA rays are not blocked by melanin (melanin acts to diffuse UVB rays to protect against sunburn) and can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkles. Also important to note that no matter how much melanin your skin has, we are all not protected from skin cancer, so take that into consideration the next time you head out in the sun all day:)

We have also heard the saying that makeup has sun protection so one does not need to still apply sunscreen. Guys please note that even though sunscreen does not provide 100% protection against UV radiation, please use SPF30+ or higher for effective protection especifally on your face. Ammarah usually uses a bb cream (has SF15) on her face plus adds a seperate sunscreen layer, you can never be too protected;)

We know how easy it can be to take to water resistant claims so that you only have to apply once and thats it for the day. But honestly you have to reapply sun screen every time after water exposure for effective protection. Sunscreen in general does not last the whole day, sunscreen breaks down in the light and loses its effectiveness over a short period of time so you shoudl typically apply sunscreen every 2-4 hours at least.

On our Mauritius trip we used Cetaphil sun for ourselves and the kids one for Ayaan.

Cetaphil sun SPF50+ Lotion is a liposomal lotion for very high protection and contains photostable UV filters that offer highly effective UVA and AVB protection. What we loved about this product is that you can use it for your face and body so you dont need to get a seperate sunscreen for your face. It is super light weight which allows for an easy application of even distribution through the skin for effective protection. It is suitable for all skin types, hypoallergenic and has a non-greasy formula so if you still want to apply makeup over it wont make your face oily at all.


Cetaphil sun Kids SPF50+ is also a liposomal lotion specifically formulated for a very high UV protection for kids delicate skin and contains photostable UV filters that offer highly effective UVA and AVB protection. Firstly it comes in a pump dispenser which is awesome as it dispensers the recommended dosage amount of product for optimal sun protection. This product is also not greasy and easy to apply. It is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin which is a must especially when trying out products on little ones:)


Both products are water resistant in both fresh water and salt water and provide clinically proven sun protection, thats why we chose Cetaphil to keep our skin safe. You can shop these products here:

What are your go to sun protection products and tips? let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Until we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed



One thought on “Sun Protection with Cetaphil

  1. Glad i came across this, baby is going out on a trip end October, so now i don’t have go look and read up on sunscreen for baba, i can go straight to cetaphil


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