Happy Family Organics Cereal Review



Since I showed Ayaan eating this cereal on IG, I have had a lot of DMs regarding where this can be bought and what ingredients it has in it, so I decided to just do a quick review so you all know where you can find this amazing baby brand’s products and how great these cereals actually are!

When it came to start weaning Ayaan the first thing we wanted was products that don’t contain a lot of sugar and additional ingredients. We stumbled across Happy Family Organics on IG and were intrugued to try them out especially when we saw the brand provides organic and delicious options for baby’s nutritional food journey. We definately wanted to try their cereals as Ayaan had already taken to rice cereal and the next step in his weaning journey was to move onto oats. The Happy Family Organics brand has two types, a plain oats one as well as an oats and quinoa one.

Firsty lets talk packaging! These packs come with a seal strip so once opened it is easy to seal and keep it fresh. This is also so great because when travelling you do not have to decant product but simply take your pouch with. It comes in a 195g pouch so its small enough to pop into your diaper bag. What’s also great is that even when the pouch starts getting empty it still is able to stand upright, so you dont have to worry about it tipping.

Both the cereals have a great consistency when mixed with breastmilk/formula. If you taste it yourself you can tell that there is little to no sugar added in these products unlike other cereal products. It also makes for a seamless move from rice cereal to oats cereal because organic rice cereal has almost no flavour so you not giving your little one a shock to their system with a high sugar content cereal. If you want to mix it up for your little one, you can also add pureed bannana or apple to the cereal to provide a bit of natural sweetness if your little one is being a bit fussy, even a little honey will do. What is also great about these as Ayaans first cereal, is that it is optimized with probiotics, to support digestive health, and fortified with DHA and Choline, to support brain and eye health. Also, if your little one is suffering with constipation this is a good way to get extra fibre in there diet. Other great claims the products have:

• Always certified organic

• No genetically modified ingredients

• No high fructose corn syrup

• No artificial food colourants nor flavourants

• BPA Free


We also have a bunch of other goodies from the brand that we cannot wait to try with Ayaan, like their Organics Blueberry and carrot teethers as well as their Organic Super Food Puffs and Yogis so keep an eye out for our review on that as Ayaan is still not there yet in his food journey. You can purchase this brands products here. Alternatively the brand can be found in stores like BabiesRus, Dischem and can be found online at Fathful to Nature and Takealot.


Until we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed

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