Bottle prep has never been this easy!


I love finding new ways to make mum life easier, I mean who has time to spare right? Whether you a stay at home mum or a working mum, this nifty machine will make bottle prep so easy you will actually have time to make your own coffee! Say hello, to the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine! It’s basically a coffee machine for babies haha!

Firstly this machine can only be used if your little one is on formula, at the end of the day there is nothing more convinient and better than breast feeding. For me, I breast fed Ayaan exclusively for four months and then I combo fed (breast fed and formula fed) him for a month and now he is soley on formula as I head back to work full time.

Why I think this machine is a must have baby item if your little one is on the bottle? Well, when you become a mum you realise how you just dont have time any more. With moving your little one onto a bottle comes with extra tasks like bottle sterilization (you can read more about that here), boiling water, bottle warmers, filling flasks etc. To be honest, my routine was boil water, wait for it to cool to a warm temperature which alone could take almost 30mins so I would have to do this in advance otherwise I would have a screaming baby. Once I got the correct temperature I would fill two flasks which I would then use to fill his bottle when it was feeding time.

All that isn’t an issue but why not make your life a little easier if you could? So let’s get into how this Tommee Tippe Perfect Prep Machine is changing the bottle prep game:

When you have a hungry baby the last thing you need is to make them wait while they screaming at the top of their lungs. This little machine will change that for you because at just a press of a button it will deliver you the perfect bottle in less than 2 minutes at the perfect temperature. So no need to worry about boiling water and rushing it to cool by putting it in ice or pre-boiling water and maybe it gets too cold and you have to use a bottle warmer ( not to forget while doing all of that you are holding and trying to calm your screaming baby). Forget about all of that stress! This machine will make your life as easy as 1 (put the bottle on the stand of the machine), 2 ( set the setting based on how many ml you need), 3 (press start). Can we also talk about those early morning feeds? Being a mum, you are already so sleep deprived and drowsy so spending so much time in the middle of the night making bottles can be totally avoided with just a click of a button with the Perfect Prep. All you need to do is measure out the formula and put it in the bottle, the rest the machine does for you!


This nifty maching allows for preparing bottles quicker and more accurate with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your baby’s bottle is perfect and made in under 2 minutes every time. The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine features:

Filter: The in-built filter system removes impurities from the water and dispenses the correct amount of water for accurate formula consistency (you input how many ml is needed for your little ones formula bottle)

Hotshot: This machine shoots an inital “hot shot” into the bottle in order to kill any bacteria that may be present in the formula. This inital burst of hot water also allows for the formula to dissolve quick and easily. There is nothing worse than a bottle that has formula milk lumps because the water was not hot enough to dissolve it properly and then it clogs the teat which upsets your little one.

Body Temperature: After the inital hot shot is expressed into the bottle, the machine then fills cool water to ensure that the bottle is the perfect temperature (delivered at body temperature just like breast milk)

Bottles: No worries if your little one isn’t specifically taking a Tomme Tippee Bottle, any type or size bottle can be used with this machine.

Fresh: One thing about formula feeding you should know is that once a bottle is prepared you cannot leave it for longer than an hour to give it to baby. So this allows you to make a perfect bottle for baby to take immidiately and not worry about making bottles and keeping it in warmer until baby wakes, which could be longer than an hour and you would need to throw it out. So this is totally avoided with the Perfect Prep as you get a freshly prepared feed at the time your baby is hungry.

I mean the only thing left to make this machine perfect is for it to make you coffee too! haha… Well atleast it saves you time to spare so that you can actually make your own coffee;) The machine is a little expensive but totally worth the cash if you dont want to stress about bottle prep. You can purchase it here.  Let me know in the comment section whaat your bottle prep routine is and if you have ever used a bottle prep machine before, would love to hear your thoughts:)


Until I blog again…


39 thoughts on “Bottle prep has never been this easy!

  1. An awesome giveaway indeed 👌❤ As a first time mom-to-be, there are so many things that you are anxious about and preparing a bottle for your newborn should not be one of them. Winning this dream machine would make my life alot easier and I would have more cuddling time my baby 👶🙏❤


  2. More time playing and laughing with my little niece as having this machine will avoid her getting into a bad mood, crying or falling asleep from waiting awhile till her bottle is at the perfect temperature etc for her. Just 2minutes=happy baba


  3. I would definitly spend more time cuddling baba and sleeping with baba once bottle is made with the perfect temp in the first weeks.


  4. This is actually life’s next best thing after the gift of motherhood 🤩🌸! Having to worry less about bottle prep and not having to silence the little ones while waiting for a perfectly made bottle is truly a gift from above via TT. As a wife, educator, mom of a two year old and an expectant mom…this means I get to spend more time with my family and trying to balance this caregiver blessing ♥️. I’m truly blessed and I like to believe every moment spent with my family is a moment they, myself included will cherish for the rest of our lives. This bottle prep machine will be the prefect element to our family that will help, especially with the new member on the way.

    @Lesego_moahloli on IG and Lesego Metoa of FB. #TTMommy


  5. This machine is definitely a must for the everyday on the go mom,I definitely would have more time to brush my hair and look like a human being if bottle making time was cut short.
    Also,less time with a crying fussy baby and more time with a happy content baba😍
    What more could one ask for!!


  6. If I had this beauty machine, I’d have so much more time on my hands not to mention, save tons of energy & get to feed a really hungry baby girl 🙂 I’d most likely use those spare minutes to sit with my boys & catch up on some reading or homework. Or even just to rest my head on my husband’s shoulder after a busy day with 3 little minions. Yet, I believed I’m blessed. And this machine would be such a blessing too❤


  7. Hi😊

    Reason for needing this machine… New mum of a 5 week old baby boy😊
    And he is a hungry little guy, this product would be so amazing to get him his feed sooner without the tears.
    I would have loved to breast feed but had to stay in hospital 7 days extra due to an infection and being on antibiotics.
    Never the less little man needs to ‘eat’ and formula it has to be.

    Amazing give away. Whoever gets it will be super lucky.


  8. Wow it’s amazing, it makes life to be more easier and simple especially for a mom as you will have enough time to make yourself a cup of tea and to sleeping.


  9. I’ve only heard amazing things about this machine! I have a extremely old fashioned bottle prep routine! Soak, wash, sterilize 🙂 it takes about an hour because I do all 6 bottles and formula storage containers. I have to prep them (fill the right amount of water in each bottle & formula in dispensers) every night before bed so that the nanny has an easy day everyday. There’s always a lot going on and I love making life easy! This machine would save me so much time! I could spend my prep time having a cup of tea and relaxing! I honestly feel time for yourself as a parent is so necessary and much needed.

    Awesome review!!!


  10. Wow, what an incredible time saver! I’d definitely use my time to enjoy a cup of coffee or at least finally get down to preparing a decent meal for breakfast with this spare time!


  11. Very blessed mom here because the hubby preps the bottles in this house when he is home 😄 he finds the washing and sterilizing very therapeutic he says.
    I’m not free of the bottle routine though as he does work away out the country half the year so I get my turn a lot and I just wash and prep as I go. What would I do with the extra time??? Well I would SLEEP haha


  12. I would love to win the giveaway as i go back to work and will be formular feeding this will help me get ready faster for work, have more sleep at night and know for sure that when im away my baby is geting the perfect prepped bottle


  13. After reading your review, this Tommee Tippee bottle prep machine is quite nifty! After my breastfeeding journey, I too went through the flask routine with baby – and it was quite an effort especially when you’re tired and have to wake up for night feeds. The benefits of this machine is amazing! Best of all, it will save time! ⭐


  14. This is really awesome for my sister who lives with me and is pregnant. Will help her and me for when i am looking after the baby. Its amazing


  15. Bottle prep from Tommee tippe is not just modern but also classic. Given an opportunity to have one of the bottle preps in my home will save me a lot of time to catch up on my reading and grab a cup of tea at it. As a new mom sometimes I find myself running around not knowing what needs to be done and how it should be done and the bottle prep can make my life much more easier in preparation of the the baby’s arrival in a week.


  16. I will be a first time mom and can only imagine how convenient this machine would be for me as i have been an au pair to twins from 5mnths old, and they definitely didnt have the patience to wait for a bottle to be prepared and cooled.
    With the extra free time this machine will give me, I would use it to make myself a cup of coffee and spend more quality time with my little one


  17. With baby no. 2 on the way I could really use the machine to prep & prepare feeds while I spend those extra minutes bonding with my eldest boy 💙 My little ones feeds are being effortlessly prepared whilst I get a few bonding moments with my big one. It’s a win, win 🖤


  18. I am a first time expecting mom (baby is due in March next year – yay!) and as a result haven’t established a bottle prep routine yet. However, based on what you’ve described above and what I’ve heard some of my already-mom-friends say about this topic, it seems like the struggle is real! Nothing worse than not having baby’s milk ready when they are crying like mad of hunger. This machine looks like the ultimate saving grace for any mom regardless of whether you in are in a hurry or not, coz babies make their own rules 😉 Would absolutely love to try out this bottle prep machine!!!


  19. Oh wow! I would love to win this. Whenever my daughter wants a bottle she will cry and crawl and try to stand uo against my legs and I feel so sad for her cos it takes time.

    If I am so lucky to win THIS AMAZING PRODUCT i can pick her up and hold her and know I can just stretch my arm out and reach a perfectly prepared bottle😍
    I wish!!!!!


  20. Oh wow what a super giveaway!
    Usually when my daughter wants a bottle she would cry and crawl and try to oull herself up by my legs, and it makes me so sad to let her wait, because preparing a bottle takes time.

    If I will be so lucky to win THIS AMAZING PRODUCT I can pick her up and just stretch my arm out and grab a fast and ready made bottle. How wonderful and cleverly made.

    I wish!!!!!!!! 😍


  21. This a an amazing giveaway 😍
    Super perfect to prep bottles for night time
    I’m a first time mom and my baby crys a lot at night and it’s so tiring I miss my long night sleep so prepping bottles for night time would save me a lot of time to sleep at night and that will give me loads of time to spend with my baby during the day
    Would be so amazing to win this


  22. Being a mom is the best, hardest, most interesting, most fun, and most maddening thing I’ve ever done ,, ORwill ever do….The highs and lows are extreme. The rocky parts make me question my capacity—not to mention my sanity—but the beauty and wonder and breathtaking views from the peaks are unbeatable.💕
    Prepping a bottle takes time especially when u waiting for it to be at the perfect temperature for baby…
    Iv been dreaming of this amazing product ever since its been on the market…
    oh boy! this machine would make me worry about one thing less amidst all the other things a mom has on her plate,,Especially having a newborn with a healthy appetite…
    This machine would be a time saver for me and allow me to catch up on: some ME time so I can be refreshed and energised for my baby and give off my best…a much needed power nap would also do wonders from gaining some extra time that this machine would bring..a walk in my garden to get in touch with the calm and peace it has to offer….and most importantly spending quality time with my baby !!


  23. Getting used to being a working mum with a newborn after 4 months has certainly taken its toll on me. From prepping bottles and cooking dinner in the evenings, there is hardly any times to just enjoy my new family. It is honestly just GO, GO, Go from the time I get home. The perfect prep machine is indeed PERFECT for me to enable more time being spent with my son and husband.


  24. After exclusively pumping, I have finally made the switch to formula. It has lifted such a weight from my shoulders, and I would love this machine so I can spend more time cuddling my baby before I have to go back to work.
    As moms we put so much pressure on ourselves, but fed really is best, and a happy mom has a happy baby. This machine will make me happy 😉


  25. This machine would saves up so much time which means that during the night I would be able to feed baby ASAP as though they are feeding on the breast, I am already a Tommee tippee bottle user which is the next best thing after the natural breast, my daughter would be less restless when she wakes up for feeds as it would happen very quickly


  26. This machine is amazing ; I would save so much of time especially during night feeds ; I would definitely have enough time to enjoy a nice long shower and lunch ;being a first time mom it hasn’t being easy for me to manage ;winning this machine with be such a great help to me.


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