The 101 on Prepping for Valentines Day


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s about sharing the love and showing that you care. What better way to do that than sharing your heart with the limited-edition Cadbury Pop Out Heart slab?


There is nothing sweeter than sharing love with chocolate. Also, it’s the most fail-safe gift to get someone on V-day, because who doesn’t love chocolate? And this little act of generosity shows that you care and makes someone’s day a little brighter. This Valentine’s day, Cadbury has got you covered with their new Cadbury Dairy Milk & Cadbury Dream Pop Out Heart chocolate slabs. This makes sharing the love on V-day all that easier and indulgent.


Historically Valentine’s Day is one day out of the year where everyone decides to share the love and showing those important to you that you care whether it be romantic or a friendship gift. But if there is one thing you need to know about having a successful Valentine’s Day, it is that it’s all about the preparation. So, we have decided to help you out and give you the low down on how to prepare for a successful V-day and yes of course with the Cadbury Dairy Milk and Dream Pop Out Heart slabs being right up on the list.

The first thing you need to do is call for that reservation if you are thinking of treating your loved one or Valentine to a meal out. And yes, the sooner you do it the better, otherwise you will be scrambling on finding a good one.

Let’s talk flowers now. The sooner you sort this out the less you will break the bank balance because something like flowers and teddy bears gets super expensive during these times because of the high demand. Also, there is a simple guide to flowers: red roses – romantic, white – friendship. But you can be creative in this space 😊

If you are planning something a little more DIY like a picnic, then your planning is a little harder than calling for a reservation. Here are some ideas if you are planning on going that route:


Make sure that you figure out where you going to have it, check the weather and have a backup plan in case the weather does fail you. Don’t forget that the important thing about the picnic is the basket! So, get loads of easy yummy snacks to eat, including the Cadbury Dairy Milk Pop Out Heart slab for the added sweetness 😉

Movie night

There is nothing greater than having a good movies night with your significant other or a group of friends. Again, here the key is making sure you decide on the movie ahead of time and make sure you have loads of snacks prepared and certainly the Cadbury Pop Out Heart slabs, making sure that everyone has their favourite variant, either the Original or Dream.

Treasure hunt

This type of gesture is a bit more complex and can take loads of work. We suggest this more if you are trying to make a statement, for example if you are trying to propose or perhaps it’s your loved one’s birthday.

But if you’re just keen on making it extra special or fun for your friends or partner then start planning every step and clue right now! Make sure you try and keep it in one area of your city otherwise it can get a bit out of control. Who would want to be running around the city any way on Valentine’s. Keep in mind that the end “treasure” must be something exciting, so be super creative when it comes to that – think along the lines of a treasure box full of Cadbury Pop Out Heart slabs 😀

Themed dinner

There is always something fun about having a theme, so get your friends together and think of a super cool theme and make sure you get your outfit put together ahead of time, otherwise you will be “that friend” that didn’t make the effort.

Games night

Personally, this is our favourite if we are having friends over to share the love on Valentine’s Day. We like to get a bunch of board games, obviously 30 seconds being the main one! We also decide on the menu for the night, pizza is usually a go to because we can get a few flavours and it’s easy to eat during games. For desert we do chocolate slabs or chocolate filled cupcakes because it’s easy to share. This year we will have the limited-edition Cadbury Pop Out Heart slabs as well as Cadbury Pop Out Heart inspired cupcakes.

So go on and make someone’s day this Valentine’s and spread the generosity by simply popping out the heart and giving it to them to enjoy.





Until We Blog Again…

Ammarah & Waheed

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