Huggies Little Swimmers


If your little one is still on nappies then this is a must have in your bag this summer!

We put these Huggies Little Swimmers through the test in Mauritius where we were constantly between the pool and the beach. Our first impressions were that the nappies are thin and soft. It also does not look like a nappy but more like a swimming trunk because of it’s cute nemo/dory design. The velcro sides on it also allow you to easy adjust the nappy before and after the swim once it gets wet and heavy, and also makes it super easy to put on and remove which makes for convinient changing. The stretchy waist band makes for a snug and comfy fit too!

What amazed us was that the nappy does not swell at all, it does collect a bit of water depedning how active your little one is in the water but it doesn’t look like a full heavy nappy thats bursting. And it has special leak guards that assist to prevent any mess. This nappy has your little one covered in and out of the water.

So be sure to have these in your swimming bag for your little one for accident-free swimming:) Thanks us later! You can purchase them here


Until we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed

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