Our Top 3 Bennetts Must Haves!


If you dont know Bennetts products then where have you been hiding?! lol As a new mum I always heard how great their bum cream was so I was definately keen to try Bennetts baby products.

They actually have quite an extensive range of products and have recently launched a baby sunscreen as well! So be sure to check them out! Over the past few months I have been trying out their range and today I wanted to share my top three favourite products in there range.


Its no lie that most mums rave about the Bennetts bum cream. This bum cream has a thick paste like texture and comes in a tube like this or a tub. A little goes a long way here, because its a thick paste you only need to add a little and rub it over the required area. You can use this bum cream for every day use or if your little ones ends up with a bad rash this bum cream works its magic very quickly. Particulary when your little one has the runs and it burns their bum, applying this consistently every time you change their diaper makes all the difference. This is one product I highly recomend.


Im not usually one to use many products when bathing Ayaan but I was interested on giving this a go. This Bennetts bath and massage drops product looks pretty average at first glance but as soon as you pour it into the bath its like magic! It gives off such a calming aroma and leaves your little ones skin feeling soft and smooth. What I particulary love about it, is that its not as thick and sticky like usual bath oils so its perfect for every day use to factor into your daily bath routine. It is also an amazing solution if you little one has sensitive skin, aczema or dry skin.


I never thought I would need insect repelent for a baby but gosh mozzies have no remorse or care for how old you are. As an adult its the most irratating thing to be itching from mozzie bites so can you imagine how a baby feels? Thankfully this Bennets mozzie stick is safe to be used from birth on your little one. It also has a light fragrance so that the scent is not too harsh for your baby unlike other mozzie products. Its also small enough to just pop into your bag wherever you go. But dont let the size fool you because you can get a good month to two month use out of this depednding how often you use it.

I hope this was helpful to you in some way. I am still figuring out motherhood and all the things that come with it. But what I can say is that everyone and every baby is different so dont be too hard on yourself and do what works for you:)


Until I blog again…


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