6 Ingredient Oreo Dessert


If you love Oreos then this is for you 🙂 and all you need is just 6 ingredients! How easy does that sound?


2 packs of Oreo


1 Cream Cheese

Castor Sugar

1 Condense Milk

Double thick cream



Start by taking 1 packet of oreos and crushing it. Mix that with 90g of melted butter. This will be your crumb layer. Place into your mold and pop into the fridge to set while you move onto making your cream layer.

For your cream layer, start by mixing together 1/2 tin of condense milk to 1 tub of cream cheese. Put aside and in a seperate bowl whip together 180ml cream and 1/4 cup castor sugar until it becomes stiff and can form stiff peaks. Then fold in the cream cheese mixture to the cream mixture and ensure its combined well.

With your remaining pack of Oreos, take half and crush that and take the other half and break into pieces to fold into the combined cream mixture. Once thats done, spoon into your mold over your crumb layer and put into the fridge to set for about 5hours.

Once set sprinkle remaining crush oreo over and you done 🙂 Super yumy and super easy!


If you want to follow along to see me make it then be sure to check out my IGTV video. Let me know if you try it as love it as much as I do:)


Until I blog again…



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