Nunuki For Little Humans :)


Have you ever heard of such a cute brand name?

What is even cuter than the brand name is that the Nunuki brand has its own family of nunukis! The nunukis are an eclectic group of characters who are ready to help teach our kids valuable life lessons with easy to remember principles in a fun way. Each of them represents a particular product, and with it all of the facts, stats, info and need-to-knows about that product and product category.

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This brand is proudly South African and was brought to life by a mother of two. Nana developed the range in partnership with a panel of South African experts and a best-in-class pharmaceutical company with the focus on being the best quality skincare, with natural active ingredients even for the most sensitive skin. The range is also dermatologically tested and approved. Nunuki believe in their products so much so that should a child’s skin have an adverse reaction, they guarantee customers 100% of their money back!

You can really tell that a lot of thought and insight went into these products being developed. From the textures to the scents to the packaging used. This is a lovely range! The combination of using Izey’s hair & body wash and Nunus bath & massage oil during bath time is amazing. The scents are super calming and soothing to set the tone for bed time. If I had to choose my one must have from the range I would say it’s Elfies cream. I usually bath Ayaan in the evenings and using this cream has got all the great ingredients that make for a soothing calming effect in addition to soft moiturzied skin. Im really a sucker for natural oils being used in products!

Lello’s protecting sunscreen is also really great, for a sunscreen it is really gentle and doesnt have a harsh scent that most sunscreens have; it is SPF30. Because we are beach babies we use this product quite often, it is quite thick so a little goes a long way. It also didnt seem to burn Ayaans eyes when applied close to the eye area. I didn’t have a chance to use Maxi’s pesky bug cream yet but as we head into summer and the mozies become super active, I can already tell this will be used often. Like the sunscreen it doesnt have a harsh scent like most bug creams and seems a lot more gentle.

I try a lot of different bum creams on Ayaan and this one is quite good. I love the texture of Dex’s bum paste. I find that this paste like texture works really well especially when your little one has a nappy rash. Ayaans been teething quite badly and tends to get quite a red bum during this time, so this is definately a fav at the moment to soothe that.

Also can we talk about how you can get a travel pack? I usually find kids products quite bulky, in addition to having to pack 100 things when you travel. But this makes life super easy that you have one pack that has everything you need!


Nunuki® is available to purchase at selected Kids Emporium stores, Pick ‘n Pay stores, leading pharmacies, independent baby boutiques or via their website. So what are you waiting for? they are definately worth the try:)

Until I blog again…


One thought on “Nunuki For Little Humans :)

  1. Sounds like grwat products, thanks for sharing, usually i just walk past these things, but you have made me curious to purchase these at our kids emporium


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