5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Falling Pregnant


Pregnancy is 9 months of prepping you to have the most amazing unexplainable love in your life but it comes with a bunch of things you neither expect or ask for:D I have to say, that I had a wonderful pregnancy without complications and I am super grateful for that! But today I want to share some humourous truths on 5 things I learnt while being pregnant and thought I should shed some light on it for new moms so that you know you not alone and it will all be okay:) Disclaimer, these are my personal thoughts and I loved every minute of being pregnant, so here goes…


  1. People will scare you about giving birth from the day you say “im pregnant”. Whether it’s a normal delivery or c-section, I mean is it really anyones business? but hey you will get asked that even if you only 1 month pregnant and havent even thought it through. But thats not even the worst part! I dont know what it is about women sharing every, I mean EVERY detail about how horrible their birthing experince was! I mean you could just tell me the good positive bits because here I am 6 months pregnant and you making it sound like I might just die having this child. Dont get me wrong, I know every bit of child birth is difficult and comes with its challenges and I take my hat off to women for it but I dont appreciate the several nightmares I had because of all the horror stories I got told.
  2. Expect a whole load of opinions even though you probably will never ask for it. I mean as soon as someone saw my belly, I got told, yes told not asked, “dont co-sleep”, “you have to breast feed”, ” you have to do normal birth”. The list can go on, all you can do is breath because as it is, everything is so overwhelming the last thing you want is people telling you what works for them because at the end of the day you will only know what works for you when baby arrives.
  3. Your body no longer belongs to you. Everyone will touch your baby bump and some how you just have to accept your personal space no longer exists. Usually I wouldn’t mind it but then you get people who you literally dont even know and they out here touching your belly haha. It’s funny because if you not pregnant people dont randomly touch you so why when you carrying a whole other human does it give people a free pass to touch you randomly? I still dont know that answer haha
  4. There is no perfect way to be pregnant. Some days I loved the changes my body was going through as it accomodated my growing baby and I could feel my baby move and kick and other days I didnt because I had to roll out of bed and I felt like an elephant with non of my clothes or shoes fitting. All I could do is accept that it’s 9 months of emotional and physical changes and that all that matters is that my body is doing an incredible thing by carrying my baby. Positivity is what gets you through your low days:)
  5. Pregnancy glow for who?  Honestly even though I had a great pregnancy as mentioned before, Im not too sure who sold this pregnancy glow dream to women haha. I mean your hormones are all over the place so how does it exist? My skin would break out randomly, I had crazy back ache that went into my leg from my second trimestor that made me limp, My feet were swolen, I constantly felt 10 degrees warmer than everyone else, I couldnt sleep much because I gained like 15kg so every position was just uncomfortable, and could barely go to walk around the mall because I knew I would need to pee before getting into the car the pee when I get to the mall and then ya you know the rest haha. Where is the glow in all of that? Pregnancy was so great but gosh that last trimestor is so hectic that it almost preps you for not falling pregnant too soon after you have your baby. So personally I dont think this pregnancy glow exist, if I had to sum pregnancy up I would say its moments of highs and lows that prepare you to become a parent.

Being pregnant was an incredible unexplainable experience and now having BabyAW earth side is even better!


Until I blog again


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