Valentines Day Gift Guide

They is no denying how expensive flowers and teddy bears get especialy during this time of year. But fear not, we are here to help you with some budget friendly vday gifts that will show your loved one you care.

  1. Chocolates – there is nothing sweeter than a good box of chocolates, especially ones that you can only find during valentines day. So this year, share the generosity and show your loved one you care by giving them a box of Cadburys new pop of heart milk and white chocolate slabs. They make for the perfect sweet treat this valentines day.
  2. Picture – where its a print out in a frame or on a magnet, this is always a special gift to share a memory that will last forever.
  3. Socks – this you might think is weird, but not just any pair of socks, it has to be one with a quirky cute message on it. Plus its something one wears almost every day so it will get that special someone smiling when they do where it.
  4. Pamper hamper – Everyone loves a good set of pamper products that they can use to unwind. Think along the lines of sheet masks, bath bombs etc
  5. Candle/Diffuser – this is a simple one but also very effective, because it plays with the sense of smell. You can even make your own candle if you want it to be a little extra special.
  6. Slippers & Pjays/Robe – Maybe this leans more into the female space but who doesnt love a good pair of pjays and comfy slippers? But even men appreciate a good robe.
  7. Cosmetic case – this one is also a good one because you could find a really cute one for your partner and fill it with a bunch of things like the Cadburg pop out heart chocolates, and thorw in some pamper products.
  8. Cushion/blanket – instead of going the teddy bear route, getting a really cute cushion or a great blanket to cuddle with would also give off all the feels.

We hope this provides you with some inspiration on how to share your heart in this month of love. Also don’t forget to show a little generosity and get your hands on some Cadbury pop out heart slabs to make someones day:)

Until we blog again…

Ammarah & Waheed